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Sales and
Sales and
Sales and
Esther Group provides services for factories, dealers, architects, and designers
for factories
for architects,
Dealers and designers
Outsourced sales department
Administrative and commercial work to promote and develop the brand. We use an active approach to develop long-term partnerships. We go deep into the culture and policy of the factory, the advantages of products, and the system of production
Market Information
Instant market access. Thanks to the direct contact with different clients we have the information about the needs and trends on the market. We track information about competitors, local events, and exhibitions. We solve any issues occured during the work with dealers, partners.
Communication with dealers and designers
We build relationships with dealers, architects, and designers, help to conclude contracts, and make regular educational seminars. We help to organize and to check up on dated showroom products, and samples. Training of employees alone and involving art, sales directors of factories, designers, and technical specialists Project management is done along with the policy of the producer.
Consultation and access to materials
Information support on the assortment and technical capabilities of factories. Providing working materials: catalogs, price lists, samples, 3D models and etc.
Non standard requests and problem-solving
Thanks to the Instant access to all departments of the factories we can provide a solution to your non standard request. We solve any issues occurred during the work with factories: logistics, production, or commercial
Education and events
We build relationships with factories, help to conclude contracts, and make regular educational seminars, launches of collections, education at your sites, and visits to the factories. We help to check up on dated samples and collections. We support you with projects.
Our success – is Your success. We are for teamwork, when we are on the market and you produce!
We want you to be a part of the team environment. When you decide to stay long term, you reap the benefits of being in the community.
Flexibility & Efficiency
Our principles of work are high-quality service, efficiency, and flexibility. We offer tailor-made market approach solutions matching your needs, always ready to assist and to find the optimal scenario of work.
Esther Group is a Sales and Consulting agency helping companies in the interior design and construction industry to develop the markets in Switzerland and the EU. Namely, services are provided to manufacturers, dealers, architects, designers, contractors, and other construction, fit-out, distribution, and design-related companies.
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