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Alla Luce is a Lighting Design Studio based in Milan, Italy. The mission of the studio is to spread knowledge about the power of natural light and the effect of light on health. All projects are focused on a specific person, taking into account his characteristics, lifestyle, and needs. The light doesn't work by itself. Light is always about a person.

The company Alla Luce has built a highly professional international team, that combines the science of light for health, standards, and theatrical lighting effects to make all the projects interesting, individual, healthy, and energy-efficient, improving the quality of life.

Alla Luce offers a full range of creative services for Private, Public sectors, Theatre and Performace, Facades: Lighting design projects including Concept Design, Illumination Calculation, Design Development Stage, Construction Documents Stage, Evaluation Stage, and Lighting Equipment Supply. It also provides for the provision of individual additional services, such as Site Supervision, Lighting Team Support, Lighting Solution Analysis, Lighting Consulting, Daylight Studies, Specialization in light and health, Lighting Project Management, Fixture Design, Energy Saving Studies, etc. The company offers exclusive services on the market such as an international mastermind, which allows you to create a unique solution for your project with a team of professional specialists from different countries, and Real Estate Investment Projects Lighting Solutions, which allows investors to prepare the most attractive object for rent or resell. Alla Luce highly values long-term cooperation, and always offers an individual approach to solving any request.

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